Mount Aenos or Ainos is the tallest mountain in Kefalonia. Ainos, extends through the southern part of island and has a total lenght of 10 km while its highest peak is Mount Soros, at 1628m.

The larger part of Mount Ainos is given over exclusively to the unique Cephalonia pine (Abies cephalonica) and black pine (Pinus nigra), with its straight trunk, its rich pyramid-shaped foliage and its characteristic pine needles. Pine forests are found between the elevations of 700 to 1200 m. In the forest live at least 40 species of birds.

In 1962, Enos or "Black Mountain" as told by the Venetians (due to the scarcity of black fir) was declared a National Park by the Greek state to protect this alpine environment with a rare life.

For those who love hiking, Ainos is a great way to discover the secrets of nature. If you're lucky you can find in front of you and the horses of the region, who live in a semi-wild state and are living freely in the mountain area. The horses are descendants of domesticated horses that were released during the war. The lack of shelter and food, the high altitude, water scarcity, combined with the free play in nature, led to the creation of this special breed.

Ainos is a little story for Kefalonia and worth visiting.